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The European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI) is the representative body for federations and companies that are involved in the development of personal services in Europe. Its role is to represent the industry and promote the development of this sector throughout Europe.



EFSI's Memorandum - 10 proposals for high quality, accessible and affordable PHS

In view of the 2019 European elections, EFSI issued a set of recommendations on PHS addressed to designated EU Commissioners and newly elected MEPs. Read more...


EFSI welcomes Group Daenens as a new member

In June 2019 the Belgian Group Daenens joined EFSI as a new Corporate member. Read more...


Ad-PHS project's seminar on Belgium

On May 6, ESFI hosted a seminar exploring the features, priorities and challenges related to the PHS sector in Belgium, in the framework of the Ad-PHS project. Read more...


Results of the 8th European Conference on PHS

The new edition of the European Conference on PHS was held in January in Brussels. A document summarizing its main take aways is now available. Read more...